In the mid-1980s,with the completion of his  comic surrealist animated film SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES, Jim's work caught the attention of some of the era's most creative artists working in popular music. 
Jim Blashfield
A long-time member of the vital Pacific Northwest film community, Blashfield's work has been screened and broadcast internationally. He has presented shows of his work at the Chicago Art Institute, Ottawa Animation Festival, Northwest Film Center, Seattle Art Museum, Walker Art Center, Art Futura in Barcelona, and elsewhere.
Jim Blashfield's work covers a wide range-- from genre challenging experimental films and videos, through live-action and animated narratives and multiple-screen video and sound installations.  
A previous recipient of grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Oregon Arts Commission, Blashfield's work was recognized during this period with a Grammy, a Cannes Golden Lion, and several MTV awards and nominations. 
More recent  projects include a variety of  short films and video  installations, including SUCTIONMASTER, the stop-motion film BUNNYHEADS, the  live action film BASEMENT SUITE, currently in post-production, and the permanent installations EVOLUTION OF A CITY, CONVEYOR, CIRCULATOR, and FLOODED DATA MACHINE, a public art project commissioned for Tilikum Crossing, Portland's new light rail, bike and pedestrian bridge across the Willamette River. See Installations...
DESCRIBED as "an aquarium of ideas" and a"garden of natural forces", the Blashfield Studio's 5 screen moving image installation, CONVEYOR,  explores the concept of "conveyance", from many vantage points. The twenty-day-long metaphorical investigation roams far and wide-- from images of ships on vast seas, to mysterious systems of reciprocating energies and  Sisyphean dog toys on endless journeys.  More installation info...
LENORE AND HER TWIN SISTER LENORE, who are very close, contemplate something odd and most assuredly symmetrical in a  scene from Jim Blashfield's film, VANITY created with footage from the Prelinger Archives
From the film VANITY.
From the film MARGARINE OF AIR
From the installation CONVEYOR
greets visitors to  the Brightwater Environmental Center near Woodinville, Washington. Collaborator and compositing artist was Zak Margolis. Programming by META/DMA. Metal fabrication by Ferrousity. Commissioned by 4Culture, King County, Washington. More about CIRCULATOR and other installations HERE...
During this time the studio created high profile music videos for Talking Heads, Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell,  Peter Gabriel, Michael Jackson, Tears for Fears and others-- expanding awareness of Blashfield's work internationally.
CIRCULATOR, Blashfield Studio's public art installation north of Seattle, suggests a damp, playful and ever metamorphosing dream that places participants at the center of a metaphorical and associative evocation of the watery world that encloses and flows through us. Comprised of seven interrelated "portals," one of which is imbedded in the floor, the artwork

1 8 0 1  N W  U P S H U R  S T  P O R T L A N D  O R  U S A  9 7 2 0 9  /  J B S T U D I O @ S P I R I T O N E . C O M
BLASHFIELD STUDIO's 11 channel digital and welded aluminum artwork, designed for the Troy Block development in Seattle's rapidly transforming South Lake Union area, is currently in fabrication and image production phase. The artwork is scheduled for installation in Spring of 2017.
From the installation CONVEYOR