Jim Blashfield's work covers
a wide range-- from current multiple screen moving image and sound installations, to live-action and animated narratives,​ experimental films, and a series of classic music videos.​

A member of the vital Pacific Northwest film community, Blashfield's work has been screened and broadcast internationally. He has presented work at the Chicago Art Institute, Ottawa Animation Festival, Northwest Film Center, Seattle Art Museum, Walker Art Center,
Art Futura in Barcelona,
and elsewhere.

In the mid-1980s Jim's work caught the attention of some of the era's most creative musicians working in popular music. The high profile music videos created for Talking Heads, Paul Simon, Joni Mitchell, Peter Gabriel, Michael Jackson, Tears for Fears and others-- expanded  awareness of Blashfield's work internationally.

A previous recipient of grants
from the National Endowment for the Arts, and the Oregon Arts
Commission, Blashfield's work was recognized during this
period with a Grammy, a Cannes Golden Lion, and several MTV awards and nominations.

Live action and animated short films include the recently completed BASEMENT SUITE and SUBSTATION 7, as well as BUNNYHEADS, SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES, VANITY, THE TASSELED LOAFERS,
and others.​

Permanent public art installations include the hybrid sculptural and moving image commissions, CIRCULATOR, CONVEYOR, FLOODED DATA MACHINE, and the 11 screen virtual kinetic sculpture, MECHANISM.
Jim Blashfield