Jim Blashfield: Concept and Artistic Direction, Sculpture Design, Sound and Image Sequence Design /// Zak Margolis: Compositing and Animation, 3D Modelling, Programming Strategy and Execution /// Dan Haneckow: Historical Research /// Jim Schmidt: Sculpture Fabrication, Installation /// Scott Wills: Sculpture Fabrication, Installation, Electronics Layout and Integration ///  Commissioned by Touchstone Development, 4Culture
CIRCULATOR  2011 / High-definition motion imagery / Audio / Electronics / Steel enclosure / 10 minures  Comprised of 7 interrelated portals (one of which is imbedded in the floor), Circulator places viewers at the focal point of a dreamlike, continuously transforming metaphorical and associative evocation of the ecosystem, and the centrality of water within it.

​Jim Blashfield: Artistic and Technical Concept, Image Sequence and Sound Design and Direction, Enclosure Design /// Zak Margolis: Compositing Artist /// META DMA: Programming Consultant /// Scott Wills: Electronics Design and Integration /// Ferrousity: Metal Fabrication /// Don Merkt, EK Miller Design: Consultants /// PUBLIC ART / Commissioned by 4 Culture

Jim Blashfield: Artistic and Technical Concept, Design and Direction, Enclosure Design /// Zak Margolis: Compositing Artist, Programming Strategist /// Dan Haneckow / Dawn Smallman: Historical Research /// EK Miller: CAD, Structural Design, Electronics Integration /// Scott Wills:Technical  Consultant /// Landscape Forms: Metal Fabrication /// TriMet.  
CONVEYOR 2010 / High definition motion imagery / Audio / Electronics / In-wall installation w/ welded steel frames / Duration 20 days  This 20 day reformulating meditative experience-- "a presence rather than a presentation" which explores the concept of "conveyance" and its associations in both their most apparent and least obvious forms, is a permanent part of the central atrium of the Port of Portland's headquarters in Portland, Oregon.

Jim Blashfield: Artistic and Technical Concept, Image and Sound Design and Direction, Enclosure Design /// Zak Margolis: Compositing Artist /// META DMA: Programming /// Scott Wills: Electronics Consultant /// Fred Soelzer Installation Consultant /// PUBLIC ART / Commissioned by RACC

Rather than following
 a linear narrative, in
 MECHANISM the past
past and present merge: the
 form of the sculpture echoes industrial equipment found during demolition of the historic Troy Laundry, while the images and sounds trace divergence
 and continuity from ancient cultures and technologies into current day. With its image and  sound sequences appearing in offset rotation, workers and visitors to the area will experience something 
fresh with each encounter,
absorbing  the artwork 
over time.

Four iterations of
Jim Blashfield's sculpture
 and moving image installation,
are mounted on the
platforms of Portland, Oregon's
light rail, pedestrian, and
bicycle bridge,
 Tilikum Crossing.

The installation 
CIRCULATOR, a visitor energized10 minute 
meditation on the nature
 of the watery world in
 which we live-- and our
place within it--greets
 visitors to the Brightwater
Environmental Center,
located near the city of Woodinville, WA.,
north of Seattle's Lake

ELECTRO-UMBILICO 2004 / Aluminum Fabrication

Blashfield's sweeping exterior redesign of the Portland Community Media building (now Open Signal) as part of the facility's transformed identity. An 80 foot aluminum umbilical cord falls languidly across the the uppermost part of the building, seeming to connect the existing Don Merkt sculpture (an abstract TV) with a stylized plug form above Blashfield's reimagined entryway facade.

Jim Blashfield: Artistic and Technical Concept, Modelling, Drawings ///  LeMaster Bros: Fabrication and Installation ///  PUBLIC ART / Commissioned by Portland Community Media / Regional Arts and Culture Council 

RUNNING DOG W/ CACTUS 2004 / Installation / 5 minutes / Digital Media, Multiple Projectors, Chair Live Action, Animation, Digital Compositing  

In the corner exterior windows of a busy downtown store, a squeaking and twisting animated cactus demands attention on the floor in front of a yellow office chair. As water reflections begin to infest the space, a red silhouette of a running dog emerges on the back of the chair and gallops in harmony with the cactus. Now the back wall erupts in sudden imagery and sound-- some kind of mythical machine or chamber has materialized behind the chair as the running dog leaps in size and joins the imagery on the back wall. In a small conflagration, the chair is perhaps electrified, the organic machine seems to wind down, and the room returns to "normal." 

Jim Blashfield: Concept, Direction, Editorial /// 
Commissioned by the 2004 PDX Film Festival

EVOLUTION OF A CITY  / 1997 / Digitized  Photographs / Electronics / Programming / Silk Screen on Glass /// Welded Steel 

An interactive architectural installation in period style integrated into the renovation of Portland, Oregon's historic city hall. The artwork aspires to provide visual reference to every section of the city through the high resolution digital display of over 750 rarely seen, (originally utilitarian) photographs, captured for practical documentation purposes by city photographers over the previous 80 years. Control buttons allow viewers to  determine for themselves the time they spend with each image.

Jim Blashfield / Carol Sherman:​ Concept Development, Research, Design, Curation /// Jack Inglis: Location Research /// Aaron Brown: Digitization, Graphics /// Shabtay Levy: Enclosure Fabrication /// PUBLIC ART /// Regional Arts and Culture Council
DREAM OF THE SCARLET CRUSTACEANS 2002 / 5 minutes / Digital Media / Live Action, Animation 

In this 4 block long visual installation, a woman with a suitcase and a barking man with a mop battle it out for dominance amidst the flying red crustaceans, thunderstorms, rapidly multiplying one celled organisms and exploding universes that electronically inhabit the giant LCD screen above the heads of the gamblers, tourists, and assorted low strollers who hang out on Las Vegas' historic Fremont St. 

Jim Blashfield: Concept, Direction ///  Zak Margolis: Compositing Artist, Programming Strategist /// PUBLIC ART / Commissioned by the City of Las Vegas Arts Commission
THE RESURRECTORY 2005 / Video, Light and Sound Installation / Digital Media, Compositing / Multiple Projectors / Animation

For seven weeks the Portland Art Center was transformed into the three stages of The Resurrectory, a theatrical installation by the Liminal Performance Group. In this dark and earthy space a doctor sings of arcane medical practices in 19th century Scotland while a draped body goes through transformations (projected video animations) from life to medical speciman, through death and return to the earth. In another room, images and sound of 
an oversized (projected) dripping sink dominate a movement-based recreation of 12 famous murders by the Scottish medical cadaver suppliers Burke and Hare. In a far room the medical examiner succumbs to frequent lacunae, tumbling to the straw covered floor amidst projections onto walls of phrenological charts and suppressed evidence.

Jim Blashfield: Image Design and Production, Lighting, Interpretive Collaboration
View scenes from The Resurrectory at the Liminal website 

Described as "an aquarium
of ideas" and a "garden of natural forces", the five 
screen moving image 
installation, CONVEYOR,
is metaphorical investigation
 that roams far and wide,
 from images of 
ships on vast seas, to explorations of mysterious systems of reciprocating energies, and Sisyphean dog toys on endless journeys. 

F L O O D E D  D A T A  M A C H I N E

MECHANISM 2017 / High-definition motion imagery / Audio Electronics Engineering / Machined and welded aluminum 
Duration 11 hours. The multifaceted 11 channel artwork is located in the public Arcade of the Troy Block development in Seattle's South Lake Union District. Fluid in its approach to image and sound, the artwork reflects, in ways alternately direct and conceptual, contemplative, and occasionally rambunctious, upon facets of the area's history and identities over time.  
FLOODED DATA MACHINE  2015 / High-definition motion
imagery / Audio / Electronics Engineering // Stainless Steel  

Duration 23 hours. Disguised as an unassuming transmitter of river data, the appliance frequently lapses into a dream state, reflecting-- in ways both documental and conceptual upon the evolving nature of the Willamette River and its nearby shores. 


Four Public Art Installation Excerpts
Mechanism / Flooded Data Machine
Circulator / Conveyor